Is your New Year resolution to eat better and live well in 2017?

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and you aren’t too hung over from the festivities?

The majority of us always start each new year with the usual New Year’s Resolutions I must “stop smoking” or “exercise more” “join the gym” “I must eat better this year” or “I need to lose weight” or  maybe this year it is: “I need to get into that dress for the Balsham Ball in the summer”….

So why not start the new year by shopping from the best, local food producers at the Balsham Community market on Saturday 14th January and get your new healthy eating regime off to a great start.

The Balsham Community Market is all about bringing you tasty, local, sustainable, excellent quality, real healthy food.  Whether it be the fresh produce, sustainably raised beef, lamb, wild game or freshly baked breads and bakes using natural, organic, locally sourced ingredients this is where you need to be.


After a festive season of excess, January seems the most opportune time to make a fresh start and try to eat better and live well.   But within weeks, these newly formed plans/goals seem to fall by the wayside “fall off the wagon” so to speak.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your living well goals:

Make your goals specific:
Lose weight, shape up, live well, eat a well, balanced diet. Being successful at achieving your goals is about making them specific. For example: Lose 10lb in 6 months; run the 10k Race for Life; complete an open water 2 mile swim in May ; tone up ready for the summer holiday in August; stop smoking by June, drink less and the list goes on.

To achieve your ambitions make your goals tangible, realistic and have a specific time line.  If you can visualise your goals, taking pictures or writing them down and placing them somewhere were you can see them daily can help to keep you focussed and can only make you more determined to achieve them.


Break them down:
If you have large, long term goals, break them down into smaller chunks so that mountain is much easier for you to climb.  This will help you to understand the smaller goals that are involved in achieving your overall goal.  Remember to also set deadlines for these smaller tasks/goals. Never look at the top of the mountain, concentrate on the small steps to get there.

To get a better understanding, have a read on How to chunk big goals down into achievable steps.

Eat Real Food:
As we are so busy it is so easy to fall into the trap of convenience food which is full of saturated fats, sugar and salt. Keep meals simple by eating recognised vegetables and meats. If you don’t recognise it, your body won’t.

Also try smoothies, they can be stuffed with lots of vegetables and fruits giving you that boost that will fill half your plate.


Get in the kitchen and make your own tasty meals:
Cooking from scratch can take some planning.  Find some simple receipes that don’t take much time to make.

There are also some great meal planning resource sites which can help you batch prepare the components o your meals, recycling leftovers through the week.

The Love Food Hate Waste site will help you to plan meals more effectively, get your portions right to make the most of the food you buy.


Need Help?
There are plenty of resources to live well and eat healthily.  The British Nutrition Foundation  outlines 8 tips on how best to keep healthy from exercise, what foods to eat and keeping hydrated.

The NHS Live Well site can give you advice on the new alcohol guidelines; sugar: how it affects you and ways to cut it down; stopping smoking; Couch to 5K – a running plan for beginners and a weight loss programme

Weight Wise provides advice on eating well and setting those all important goals.


Look out for quick and easy seasonal recipes and give them a try.  For now, stock up on tasty, seasonal, great food from the Balsham Community Market next Saturday.


Balsham Community Market Dates for 2017:
14th January, 11th March, 13th May, 8th July, 9th September and 11th November.

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