Balsham Community Market 8th July 2017

We probably had our quietest day at the market so far.  We were down a third on the number of visitors that we usually have.  Mind you, who could blame you! It was a glorious day and there were so many other fantastic attractions going on as well.

Thank you to those of you who do continually support the market.  We appreciate that not everyone can come to every single market however, please remember to use it or we could end up losing it. If our visitor numbers drop, the farmers and food producers won’t return making our market a dead duck in the water.

Also, thank you to our fabulous farmers, food producers and crafters who gave up their Saturday afternoon for us.

However, below are some of the images taken yesterday.  It was a lovely day despite it being so quiet and it was great to see some familiar faces too! 🙂

Hope you see you at the next market on the 9th September!



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